Symi, Greece

Symi GreeceMr. Fixit and I took a much needed vacation to a little island in Greece. He loves going to this little tiny island. Many people have never even heard of this little island. It is off the coast of Rhodes and Turkey. It is a beautiful place, the pace of life is much slower. We have been to this island before, 7 years ago or so. The water here is aegean blue so beautiful, clear so clear you can see all the way to the ocean floor. There is a breeze blowing most of the time, church chimes dinging in the distance sounds of children playing. People are very kind, welcoming and want you to love there little piece of heaven. The homes are painted to look like easter eggs, so colorful and cheerful. Mr. Fixit has family on this island, this is the island his grandparents came from many years ago. He loves going over and learning all the history of the island. This little island is called Symi.
Angie's Greece Trip
This trip we planned to stay a little longer than the previous trip. He wanted to see the whole island and discover everything there was to see and do here. When we arrived the man we rented our house from was at the port to pick us up from our boat. He drove us up to the village, thank goodness he did because we would have never found this place. The first picture I posted is our view from our house, amazingly beautiful. The photo below is our view coming into the harbor.
Angie's Greece Trip
Our first day on the island we just took it easy trying to adjust to the island life style, we unpacked and headed out on foot to explore the island of Symi. In Greece they place little pebbles on the streets in many different designs, on our first trip we all were fascinated by this artwork. We began taking pictures of each island and their designs. Angie's Greece Trip
They have many cats on each of the islands in Greece. They are the pest control on the islands, they are feral or stray cats. Everyone feeds and loves on them. cats of Greece
This island is small, they do have hotels but, it is not a wide selection. We decided to try a cottage this trip. We used a local company the Kalodoukas to book our place. This was a great choice. Our request was for a small place in the village with a view. The place was clean, small, charming and it had a breath taking view. They even supplied us with a lovely bottle of wine, cookies and fresh orange juice. It was perfect choice.our little place in Symi We rented a small car one of the days and drove the entire island. We went from one end to the other. We visited all the beaches that are accessible by a car. We even got to visit with a few goats along the way. Angie's Greece Trip
See the picture below, the water is so blue, so crystal clear. The sky has almost a purple hue to it with large white cotton puffy clouds, the air has a crisp clean fresh smell. You can hear the little goat’s bells ringing in the distance. Way off in the distance across the water you see land, that is Turkey.
Angie's visit to the beach in Greece
You can see the clear blue water….so clear you can see the little fish in the water. On most of the islands in Greece their beaches have pebbles not sand. We are so use to seeing sand on the beach somewhat different to us. Each island is different than the next so is their beaches. One side of the island will have one color pebble and then other side will have a completely different color and size.
clear blue water.....
I am glad we went this time of the year…why
We had no crowds and are able to enjoy it like a local. We had wonderful food here, grilled fish almost every night. We had a wonderful little place we dined at every night. They would let us request what we wanted for the next day. To our surprise they had prepared our requested meal, each day being better than the next. The name of the restaurant is called Homemade in English. I am including a link for others to find this wonderful little place. Our favorite food find on this trip was the cheese tourtas, they are a savory cheese pie. I am lucky enough to have Mr. Fixit’s yiayia’s {grandmother’s} recipe for tourtas and will share with you soon.
Angie's Trip to Symi
I hope you will visit this little island. The Island of Symi is in the Dodecanese Chain of Islands in the Aegean Sea, a beautiful place to visit.

I have had many of you ask why it has been such a long while since I have posted anything, well my sweet little friend Maggy past away. I have been so very broken hearted. I have had dogs all of my life of every shape, color, size and breed, I have never had one like her. She was truly my best buddy going every place I went each and every day. I miss her more than words can express, I miss her terribly RIP my dear Maggy!

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