Our New Baby

Angie's New Baby
Isn’t she the cutest little thing you ever did see?

I had planned to wait for at least a year before getting another dog….But, I was finding I hated coming home, I missed Maggy terribly. After months I still thought about her every day. I started doing research on dogs looking and thinking about what kind I wanted. I first decided I was going to get something totally different. Looked at many different breeds, many different mixes, small dogs, and even large dogs. After all the research, not sure what came over me….I decided, I was getting another Wheaten just like my love Maggy. Then I was on a mission I had a hard time finding one. I continued to research found one I thought would be a good fit for us. We drove hours away to see her. I loved the breeder, the mommy dog, and all the little babies. When we visited she did not even have her eyes open completely. We picked the runt…Her color was so beautiful a golden honey color. It was hard for me to leave without her. She was to young to leave the mom. So three plus weeks later, we drove up and got her.
Angie's New Baby
Just want to eat her up she is so cute. She has a cute personality too. Well, the dilemma is what to name her? Help us pick a name for this little angel.

Angie's Baby Girl I am sure I will have to post more photos of this little fur face…sorry she is so cute I can’t help myself.

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