Portuguese Sweet Bread

Sweet Bread / Portuguese Sweet Bread

We call this bread Paul Bunyan bread. Why it is incredibly large, you would just have to see it to really understand how big it is after it is baked. This bread is so light, incredibly soft and smells so intoxicating. It is wonderful all by it's self and even better with jam or butter. I take fresh … [Read More...]

Angie's New Baby

Our New Baby

Isn't she the cutest little thing you ever did see? I had planned to wait for at least a year before getting another dog....But, I was finding I hated coming home, I missed Maggy terribly. After months I still thought about her every day. I started doing research on dogs looking and thinking … [Read More...]

Angie's Southern Kitchen Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House

Well...The Christmas season has begun. The tree is decorated, the house is decorated, the yard is lit up like the Griswold's, the Christmas music is … [Read More...]

Angie's Cheese Puffs

Brazilian Cheese Bread

These little cheese puffs are crunchy, cheesy little yummies. They have "No Flour"....WOW no flour! They taste like a pop over but smaller and … [Read More...]

Angie's Greece Trip

Symi, Greece

Mr. Fixit and I took a much needed vacation to a little island in Greece. He loves going to this little tiny island. Many people have never even heard … [Read More...]