The Largest Daffodil display in the U. S.

Angie's Trip to the daffodils
On my birthday this year it was such a beautiful spring day. The daffodils were in full bloom. We decided last minute to jump in the car and head up to Gibb’s Gardens which is only 50 minutes from our home. I have wanted to go to Gibb’s Gardens to see the daffodil display for years. I visited Gibb’s a few years ago in hydrangea season. I could not believe how beautiful the garden was and you never really hear much about this place. Gibb’s Gardens has the largest display of daffodils in the United States. They have over 20 million daffodils and more than 60 varieties. Daffodils multiply on their own each year. Southern Living calls it the largest display of daffodils in the United States. It was simply beautiful, daffodils as far as you could see. They bloom for over a month. They have many different colors and sizes of daffodils some are blush pink, creamy white, orange, yellow, saffron, gold and white.
Angie's Trip to the daffodils
I would encourage you to go and visit Gibb’s Gardens. They have something in bloom all during the year. Every season has something colorful to see, it is a beautiful place to visit in spring, summer and fall.

They have many things to see:
Roses and crape myrtles with vibrant color
A replica of Monet Bridge and waterlily garden
Largest Japanese gardens in the nation
Azalea, rhododendron, cherry blossom and dogwood display
Mr Gibbs was even in the garden both times I visited. He is such a kind, knowledgeable man. He was there answering gardening questions from the guest. The Gibbs live there on the property. What a beautiful place to live. Thanks Mr. Gibbs for sharing your beautiful home, love of gardening and knowledge.
Angie's Daffodil Trip
Angie's Daffodil Trip
Angie's Daffodil Trip
Gibbs Gardens
1987 Gibbs Drive
Ball Ground, Georgia 30107
Angie's Daffodil Trip
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AngieAngie's Daffodil Trip

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