How to Smoke a Turkey

Angie's Tom Turkey
Hands down our favorite turkey is a smoked turkey. We all love smoked turkey here at the Sarris house. It is really not any more work than a baked turkey. I have braved it through the plain ole cheap smoker then the electric version. Then the Green Egg and it by far is the best way to go…when it comes to smoking a turkey. The meat is always tender and juicy. We like it with a bit of a smoky taste. How to smoke a turkey

First make sure your turkey is completely thawed. I remove all packaging from bird. Remove the items from inside the bird as well. Wash the bird well and dry with a clean cloth. I coat the turkey with olive oil. Then I put a generous amount of fresh ground pepper and salt on the turkey. Then I get my fire going really well. I do have a good amount of coals in the fire for this project due to the longer cooking time. Once I get the temperature to 300 on the Green Egg, I add the turkey to the fire. I place the flat rack on the top and place the bird breast side up on the rack.

How to smoke a turkey

I keep the fire around 225 – 300 until the temperature of the bird reaches 165 and the juices run clear. You can regulate your temperature in the egg by opening your bottom damper or the chimney on the top of the egg. Once you get it to the correct temperature you simply leave the egg alone and it does the rest for you. Tonight I had a 20 pound bird and this took about 6 hours. My outside temperature tonight was 25 and rather windy. I did nothing more than check the gauge every hour or so while cooking other things. I will post more pictures tomorrow after we cut into the turkey. We have baked turkeys, stuffed, fried, grilled, smoked and smoked is the best! Try it and you will agree.
Smoke Turkey & Honey Baked Ham
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Happy Thanksgiving!